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As an active community tool HyeConnect has housed the Armenian Virtual Bridge Community to serve as a platform where the members talk about their experiences and exchange ideas. Armenian Virtual Bridge is a business development program initiated by the RA High Tech Ministry and AGBU Silicon Valley, which allows founders and start-up owners from Armenia to first-handedly experience the Silicon Valley ecosystem and gain knowledge from industry-leading mentors. 

HyeConnect acts as the space where AVB members communicate and strengthen their inner network. The multifunctional HyeCommunity has allowed for structured and cohesive communication through the multiple activities that can occur on the community level. AVB Community is running a HyeDiscussion on an event management and organization topic.

AVB members together with HyeConnect, Armenian Virtual College, AGBU and the RA High-tech Ministry are organizing a series of events where our members will share the knowledge they have gained at Draper University during their trip to the US. HyeConnect is serving as a functional tool for the communication and preparation for the event which will strengthen the participants' understanding of start-up culture, business and entrepreneurship and much more.

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