Why HyeConnect

  • HyeConnect offers a unique online environment for the global Armenian community, with a rich toolkit for creating and running any kind of activities that communities and individuals may need.
  • Having an Armenia-centric platform where participants would feel the high level of security and trust is critical nowadays for reaching unity and national goals.
  • HyeConnect strives to change the way Armenians collaborate across the globe directing various skills and expertise to the common intentions. We believe that everyone can become a changemaker if they are in the right place with the right people. Bringing together many changemakers can have a huge role in creating and developing impactful projects in Armenia.
  • HyeConnect strongly encourages behavioral ethics giving access to the activity creators to control the censor of activities enforcing our community guidelines. Prioritizing HyeConnect participants’ opinion, we provide a responsive feedback system to continuously improve our system aiming to better serve our members and their goals.
  • HyeConnect is a special address for every Armenian no matter where they live geographically and what they do.