About us

Welcome to HyeConnect, a digital platform to connect with like-minded fellow Armenians and friends of Armenia to collaborate and achieve mutual goals.

Our Vision

A Pan-Armenian digital platform that connects Armenians around the world to create virtual communities of interest and forums based on any variety of issues. This is basically the Armenian nation online.

Our Mission

To connect Armenians around the globe via virtual environment for leveraging their talents, skills, and capabilities to serve to the empowerment of Armenians and Armenia, as the Motherland for all Armenians.

To achieve our mission and to fulfill our vision, we have the following strategic goals:

  1. Provide a virtual forum with necessary toolkits for running different types of activities.
  2. Invite people who can devote themselves to contributing their ideas and viewpoints to achieve common goals for the sake of Armenia.
  3. Increase people’s engagement in communities and support them for better coordination and outcome to accelerate their objectives towards their common interests.
  4. Create a dialog by engaging the larger audience to generate advisory suggestions, projects, proposals, events, discussions, conferences, surveys and analytical reports, etc., in different areas of life, country strategy and on any issue related to the Armenian nation.

Who we are?

The four co-founders of HyeConnect are world famous Armenians:

Eric Esrailian Alexis Ohanian Serj Tankian Yervant Zorian
UCLA physician, Emmy-nominated film producer, involved in philanthropic projects Co-founder of Reddit social network, internet entrepreneur and investor System of a Down rock group singer, songwriter, political activist Chief Technologist at Synopsys, innovator, semiconductor community leader

Being from the diaspora, all four of them envisioned a platform to create bonds among Armenians worldwide stronger than ever before. The idea came from their own experiences as they had seen the foundation in their lives. They announced their intention to create HyeConnect on October 7th, 2019 during WCIT 2019 in Yerevan. HyeConnect Virtual Portal Foundation is a legally registered foundation in Armenia. Software development of the platform started in 2020 and it will officially be opened to the public in 2021.

Who sponsors us?

The Founding Sponsor of HyeConnect is the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU).

Who do we serve?

Everyone who is willing to contribute to the advancements of Armenians and Armenia.

Why join HyeConnect?

  1. HyeConnect offers a unique online environment for the global Armenian community, with a rich toolkit for creating and running any kind of activities that communities and individuals may need.
  2. Having an Armenia-centric platform where participants would feel the high level of security and trust is critical nowadays for reaching unity and national goals.
  3. HyeConnect strives to change the way Armenians collaborate across the globe directing various skills and expertise to the common intentions. We believe that everyone can become a changemaker if they are in the right place with the right people. Bringing together many changemakers can have a huge role in creating and developing impactful projects in Armenia.
  4. HyeConnect strongly encourages behavioral ethics giving access to the activity creators to control the censor of activities enforcing our community guidelines. Prioritizing HyeConnect participants’ opinion, we provide a responsive feedback system to continuously improve our system aiming to better serve our members and their goals.
  5. HyeConnect is a special address for every Armenian no matter where they live geographically and what they do.

We believe, virtually collaborating with fellow Armenians and being part of their successes will make many of us happier.

Do you share our goals and feelings, aiming to find fellows like you who are willing to contribute to Armenia and Armenians? Join us!